FPH – Potential Bearish Gartley [Concept]

23 Jul

Bearish Gartley Concept

FIRST PHILIPPINE HOLDINGS CORPORATION (PSE:FPH)“We can only profit from which we can anticipate”. Well if anticipation is the subject, FPH might be one of those “anticipated stocks”. The technicals of this stock (mid to long term) is screaming so load. I have posted the long chart, so lets talk about sa short chart this time. Look like we have a point B established now and point C might be in the works.

Other technical note: If indeed a point C is in the works, we might be seeing a potential inverted head and shoulder s pattern. to quantify that pattern, we can use harmonics. Point D is the confirmation of the breakout and a continuation might drive the bigger inverted head and shoulder to breakout too.

If we see this pattern complete, lets talk again. Let’s say over crabs?

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Posted by on July 23, 2011 in Bearish Gartley, Concept, FPH


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